Kay Smith arrives in Carmel to familiar faces, picturesque sights and a tight schedule.

Kay arrived last evening in Carmel, California.   There is no time to rest as schedules are set.  Our first stop this morning will be at  Daria Niebline Shachmut’s art studio.  A long-time artist from the area, she is popular and well-known for her watercolors of calves and cows from views she captures  on the hilltops of Big Sur.   Our group will follow along that winding and breathtaking path as the day progresses.  

Look for us painting at Rocky Point.  We have reserved a late lunch at the Post Ranch.   However. the day does not end there.  We will gather this evening at a private residence to continue talking about our learnings, art, and finish details from our day’s work.   

About Illinois Artist Laureate Kay Smith

After completing my studies at the School of the Art Institute, I worked as an illustrator. As the 1976 Bicentennial approached there was a fever of interest in American history. In 1971, I was asked to illustrate a book on the American Revolutionary War period which required me to travel to historic locations to paint the actual scenes. As my travels crossed and crisscrossed the paths of the patriots, I entered their lives and was forever caught in the inescapable skeins of history and was thrust into the role of historical painter. What began as a single assignment has grown over the past 40-plus years into the largest collection of American historical-site paintings ever created by a single artist. To see these historical works and to learn more about The American Legacy Collection, please visit my website at: www.kaysmithartist.com. The American Legacy Collection is a dramatic panorama of this country's historical places and its defining moments. My original watercolors chronicle 500 years of the American experience and preserve with an artist's palette our American heritage.

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